These days, you can host your media anywhere. On your existing websites or on any web host you like.

But, keep in mind, it's your media. Shouldn't you control it? With CBS Video Streaming and Storage, you don't have to hand over rights to your media like you do with many other sites. The rights remain yours because your media remains in your control. This is why professionals choose CBS's "Max Video Content Packages."

Let's face it, the hosting industry offers video hosting options for from free to rock-solid (but really expensive). And new deals will always come along from the hosting marketplace faster than any one company can match.

CBS System's packaged plans take a different approach. CBS allows you to securely store your videos, and yet remain totally free to host them on the sites that you choose. Most importantly, you say how the video is delivered and you maintain control of it.

With this approach, CBS Video Streaming and Storage allows you to put your focus on your websites and the distribution tools that can get your media out there to the benefit of your customers, clients and friends – and your business.

Call us today at 1-800-318–5614 to discuss the best approaches and packages for getting you targeted exposure for your videos.